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Spring Seminar-Challenges and Issues in Compensation

We are Back! We are very excited to be able to be in person for our Spring Seminar. Our topic is Challenges and Issues in Compensation and will be presented by Samuel Castree, our Senior Vice President and General Counsel. Join us at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center on Tuesday, May 17th. The cost is complimentary and will begin at 7:30 am with a continental breakfast followed by the seminar at 8:00 am.

We will be talking about the numerous recent economic and legal developments that challenge employers and their pay practices. Increases in the minimum wage are causing wage compression. Lower labor market participation rates and low unemployment rates put upward pressure on wages. Amendments to Illinois Equal Pay Act mean employers cannot ignore potential issues of discrimination and equity in their pay practices.

Are your compensation practices ready for these changes? Are you planning your response now? We’ll cover critical topics, including:

  • Federal and State statutory and regulatory challenges and updates

  • Issues and options confronting your compensation practices

Please join us for this important seminar to make sure you understand your obligations.

Register by email at or by calling 815-282-3900.

The Morrissey Family Businesses are passionate about helping businesses succeed. Feel free to tell a friend or colleague who may be interested in our services about our seminar.

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