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Our Story

John F. Morrissey began his public accounting career in 1968. He founded John Morrissey Accountants, Inc. in 1972 in the basement of his home.  At the time, John made a 3 month commitment to himself - if things didn’t work out, he would give up his dream of owning his own accounting practice .  Fifty years later, John Morrissey Accountants has grown exponentially through new business and client relationships, accounting practice acquisitions and market share expansion.  John and his wife, Fran next founded Staff Management in 1983,  a Human Resource Consulting and Professional Employer Organization to assist  their clients with the increasing complexities of compliance and Human Resources in general.  John and Fran, along with their son John J.  then acquired an existing Payroll company, Market Dimensions,  to offer cost effective payroll solutions to their clients.  These three companies make up  the Morrissey Family Businesses. 

Morrissey Family Business

Our Vision

At The Morrissey Family Businesses, we believe that a profit-oriented business can and should be conducted with the highest regard for business ethics and personal values.


We choose to live, work, worship, and play in the same community as our clients, business associates, friends and neighbors. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to improve that community in all that we do. The reputation of our businesses and all the professionals involved in our companies are cherished assets. We work aggressively, efficiently, honestly, responsibly, and happily to protect and boost that strong reputation.

Meet the Morrisseys

John F headshot 2.png

John F Morrissey

President, John Morrissey Accountants

John F. Morrissey is one of the principals in The Morrissey Family Businesses, which is comprised of John Morrissey Accountants, Staff Management, and Market Dimensions. This group of companies, all headquartered in Rockford, IL, is dedicated to providing administrative solutions to organizations that want to focus on their business.

John F. Morrissey began his public accounting career in 1968 and founded John Morrissey Accountants in 1972.  He is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.  Morrissey specializes in federal taxation and for the past fifty years has worked with small businesses as a consultant.  Being an entrepreneur himself, his passion has always been helping new and small to mid-sized business clients achieve their goals of growth, profitability and stability.  Morrissey’s approach to accounting has always been, "Anyone can tell you where you have been. I want to tell you where you are going and how to get there."   

In 1983, Morrissey co-founded Staff Management, Inc. with his wife Fran.  While growing his Accounting practice in Rockford, he also traveled nationally with Fran to support the fast growing the PEO industry.  He served several years in the National Association of Professional Employer Organization (NAPEO) and the Financial Standards Committee.  John has made numerous presentations to the industry relative to the financial aspects of being a professional employer.

Much of John’s success in business comes from his natural ability to build strong relationships with his clients as well as Bankers, Attorneys, and other business professionals.  He enjoys being able to make a phone call to help connect others for mutual benefit.  Quick to share his strengths with others, John F. recently completed a Relationship Building class for many employees on the Morrissey Family Businesses team. 

Aside from his professional affiliations, John is actively involved in the community donating countless hours and support to dozens of non-for-profits.  He has held numerous board positions in the Rockford region, including Carpenter’s Place, The Rockford Symphony Orchestra, Northern Illinois Hospice.  His creativity and passion for helping non-profits encourages others it the organization to get involved and volunteer their time as well.  The Morrissey Family Businesses support more than 150 community events and organizations in Northern Illinois and the surrounding area through board memberships, volunteerism, event sponsorship and participation. John and Fran were selected as the recipients of the 2016 Outstanding Philanthropist Award by the Rockford Area Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the National Philanthropy Day Committee. 


 “Helping our clients become successful is our success.”

                                                                                               - John F. Morrissey

To be SUCCESSFUL, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your HEART.

-Thomas Watson Sr.

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The most reliable and valuable advisors in your life are the people you can trust. At our family businesses we understand that relationship, and have established our business in such a way to earn your trust... and your friendship.  At the Morrissey Family Businesses, throughout our 50-year history, our clients have become our friends, and our friends have become clients.


We are considered trusted business advisors to our clients, and are pleased to extend our professional experience and expertise to clients seeking assistance with accounting, tax, payroll, or human resource management needs.

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