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Market Dimensions, Inc. 

Purchased in 2000


Payroll is our Business!

Our payroll service organization is the area's premier provider of payroll and payroll tax management services. We provide a complete payroll solution for hundreds of clients, assuring them an efficient and low-risk solution for their everyday payroll needs. 

The Rights Tools –

We use powerful, integrated cloud-based software to provide the tools necessary to manage not only payroll and payroll taxes, but also HR information, PTO tracking, time and attendance, employee benefits enrollment and management, and more.


The Rights Hands -

Our software is efficient, flexible, easy to use, and accessible to you at any time.  While you could process payroll yourself on our systems, we promote  a service model that puts those powerful tools in the hands of our experienced team.  We take responsibility for payroll and its repetitive tasks and processes, while you focus your efforts on more important business matters.  When you partner with the Morrissey Family Businesses, you gain the expertise of a professional payroll department, and access to significant accounting and human resource management experience.


The Right Time -

Our web-based software can provide you and your employees 24-hour access to payroll and other employee information. 


The Right Price -

We’re in a competitive industry and we understand you have choices.  We appreciate the chance to meet your payroll needs.  We have long committed ourselves to competitive pricing that reflects our commitment to helping your organization.

Payroll & Payroll Administration

Market Dimensions provides comprehensive payroll and payroll administration. We have invested in powerful payroll / human resource information software to provide exceptional service and value to our clients.

Our standard services include these core payroll basics:


  • Pay advices and checks

  • Direct deposits to multiple accounts per individual employee

  • Source-to-gross and gross-to-net pay calculations

  • Withholdings for employee benefits

  • Withholdings for court-ordered garnishments and child support payments.

  • Other withholdings

  • New hire (and other state-required) reporting


Payroll Tax Administration

With our complete tax service, we assume the responsibility to collect and remit payroll taxes. Our services include:

  • Employee income tax withholding, tax remittance and reporting

  • Quarterly federal payroll tax filings

  • Quarterly state and local payroll tax filings

  • State unemployment compensation - month and quarterly tax filings

  • Annual form W-2 preparation and delivery, uploading to the Social Security Administration

Payroll & Management Reporting

With each pay cycle we generate a series of standard payroll reports, including the following:

  • Payroll registers

  • Direct deposit register

  • Deduction register

  • Tax Summaries separating each taxing authority/jurisdiction

  • Departmental labor distribution

Reports are available in a variety of electronic formats. Custom reports are also available.

Management Web Access

Our “Employer on the Go” option delivers powerful web-based tool into your hands.  This option provides access to a full archive of payroll reports, tax filings, and other data.  You will also have quick availability to employee payroll histories, deduction setup, direct deposit setup, pay rate history, and other key information.


"Employer on the Go" is also an exceptional tool to be used as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS).  You have the ability to track and calendar events, emergency contacts, employee educational achievement, employee training, and more. 


Employee Web Access

You can provide basic employee web access through the Employee Self-Service Feature. 


Enhanced Employee Web Access

“My Employer on the Go” is a meaningful upgrade from our basic employee web access.  This option not only provides employees with their pay histories and vacation balances, but also includes time-off request management, total compensation summaries, and full security controlled access to employee payroll setup.  Use of "My Employer on the Go" allows you to explore electronic onboarding, an option that may reduce the paperwork associated with new hires.

Time and Attendance

Our web-based time and attendance software powered by Swipeclock, provides you with a versatile and economical solution to timekeeping needs.  A computer or tablet with internet access can become your time clock.  Other stand-alone time clock options are also available.


Benefit Enrollment and Management

We provide a powerful benefit enrollment and benefit management tool that is integrated with our payroll software.  We are using the popular web-based Employee Navigator product. 


Annual benefit renewals can be a challenge.  Employee Navigator helps to simplify and manage that process. It is also designed to be a full repository of all company- and employee- benefit related information.  The system can be used to describe benefits, track eligibility and enrollment, outline costs for employee and employer, and be the single repository for all related plan documents and communication.


Extended Reporting

We can offer extended and customized reporting packages, such as paid time off, general ledger, retirement plan, and workers’ compensation reports.

401(k) Plan

We also offer payroll clients the opportunity to participate in a multiple-employer 401(k) retirement plan.  This plan can be among the most affordable options for assisting employees and management in meeting their retirement goals. 

Beyond Payroll!


Flexible Solutions for Your Business Needs

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It's often the little things that make the difference between an average business and a successful business.  Our businesses are dedicated to getting your strategic best out of those little things.  Call today to invite the Morrissey Family Business to be part of your organization!  

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