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John Morrissey Accountants, Inc. 

Founded in 1972

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Celebrating 50 Years in Business!

The most reliable and valuable advisors in your life are the people you trust. At John Morrissey Accountants, we understand that relationship, and have established our business in such a way to earn your trust... and your friendship. You see, throughout our 50-year history, our clients have become our friends, and our friends have become clients.

John Morrissey Accountants is Where Clients Refer Friends!

Services for Businesses

The success of your business, big or small, is directly tied to the economic success of the Rock River Valley. All of us live, work, pray and play in this area, and we all have an interest in working together for the collective good of our community.


But more important, the success of your business is directly tied to a mission of importance to YOU. It may be wealth creation, economic independence, a not-for-profit purpose, or one among a host of other objectives that are unique to you and your business enterprise.


At John Morrissey Accountants, our objective is to provide a sufficiently broad range of services to meet the needs of your unique business, whatever its objectives may be.  We have adeptly worked with start-ups and with well established companies.  Regardless of where your business is at this time, our professionals are experienced and ready to be of assistance.


Our services include bookkeeping and payroll, preparing financial statements and tax matters.  We can assist in project consulting and help support your bank relations.  We expect to earn your trust and respect. We expect you and your business to have a "friend in the business".


John Morrissey Accountants is Where Clients Refer Friends!

Services for Individuals

Tax forms pretty much look one like another…before anything is printed on them.


But the PEOPLE that come to John Morrissey Accountants are unique and distinct. Each has a unique financial history and circumstances and a unique way of thinking about their financial future.


Our goal at John Morrissey Accountants is to make sure that we see those distinct individuals we serve, and make sure that our services match their particular needs. Our tax and financial planning services are all tailored to you, and your unique background and financial picture.


We know that you have choices among accountants, and maybe even among tax software providers. We aim to make you feel comfortable and at-home in our relaxed office setting. Sit back, get comfortable, and let the professionals at John Morrissey Accountants earn your trust and respect. We'll both make a friend.


John Morrissey Accountants is Where Clients Refer Friends!

Where Clients Refer FRIENDS!

50 years serving our Stateline Area

Request a Free Consult

We know you'll appreciate your relationship with John Morrissey Accountants. Your first consultation and first cup of coffee is always on us. Please contact us to discuss how we can get started.

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