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Relationships: the way in which two or more people are connected.

Our business growth over the past 50 years has largely been built on ‘relationships’. Our relationship with our clients goes well beyond a business relationship; we truly care about each other. This mutual trust and respect are evident as many of our business relationships have moved into the second and third generation of clients.

Now is the time of year when we like to meet with our clients to project and plan their tax liabilities. We will continue to be pro-active in helping you arrive at a tax strategy that meets your expectations. For our business clients, we will review your financials to date and predict what your financials will look like at year-end. We will continue to be pro-active in working with you to help you grow your business and develop a business strategy that meets your expectations. As we all know, tax laws are constantly changingand we invest a significant amount of our time staying up-to-date with them.

We at John Morrissey Accountants, are committed to our tradition of building solid relationships with our clients. In order for strong relationships to develop, both parties need to participate and regular communication is critical! So, whether you have been a client for 50 years or are fairly new, please accept our sincere invitation to develop a deeper relationship with us.

Set up an appointment today so we can sit down face to face and get to know each other better!

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